Moonduck has a TI9 content proposition for the NA fans

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  Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten and Andrew “Zyori” Campbell released a short video asking fans for feedback on a small, but bold content idea that people at Moonduck studio are thinking of in regards with The International 2019 re-broadcast.

  This is the first year since 2011 when The International will be organized outside North America. For seven years in a row, the entire Dota 2 community adjusted their schedule for the duration of TI to be able to watch the live broadcast of a tournament held on the Pacific Daylight Time. This year the fans will have to align with the Shanghai time zone if they want to watch the live broadcast of the biggest tournament of the year. For European, Southeast Asian and of course, Chinese fans, this is going to be the first TI when the broadcast hours would actually be convenient, but for the North Americans the tournament will commence around 7:00 p.m PDT and run till the early morning hours of the next day.

  That’s why Moonduck is thinking to run a live event in an arena in Denver with the talent that won’t make the cut for the TI9 English broadcast. As two commentators who feel like they won’t receive an invite for TI this year, SUNSfan and Zyori launched the idea and are waiting for feedback from the fans in order to decide if a re-broadcast live show would actually catch anyone’s interest enough to buy a ticket and attended it live in Denver, USA.

  You can watch Moonduck’s video below, it’s a short five minutes pitch and if you are an NA fan looking for alternatives to stay up to date with the action happening this August in the Mercedes-Benz Arena from Shanghai, China, give your feedback to Moonduck in the comments section on YouTube or one of Moonduck’s social media accounts.

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